Stop Calling Yourself a [Software] Artist

I get it. You're new to the industry. There's so much to learn that it can be overwhelming, from artistic principles to technical skills to a myriad of software packages.

And then, when it's your turn to market yourself, you choose to identify as a [software] artist. You're defining yourself based on your ability to use a specific piece of software. Bad news. The chances that you will be using the same piece of software for your entire career are doubtful.

More than that. What about all the other things that you can offer? Your ability to work well with other people. How you connect the dots in a way no one else can when solving a problem. How you leverage the great work that's come before you. Or your determination to continually iterate and refine to create the best piece of art possible in the time available.

So, by all means, learn [software] and continuously improve your skills so that you can wield it the way Michelangelo carved marble or Monet created movement on the canvas. But remember, you are more than a [software] artist. You are a problem-solver, story-teller, creator, [software] ninja warrior.